About us
Biancofango is an artistic project arising from the urgencies of a new dialogue between word and body and the need to rethink the functions of the theatre and relocate the role of the actor in the contemporary scene. The theatrical writing, the original dramaturgy, the repossessing of the classics and the consideration on the contemporary are the directions that have always accompanied its work.

BIANCOFANGO company was founded in 2005 following on from the meeting between Francesca Macrì and Andrea Trapani. In 2006 the realization of the “Trilogia dell’inettitudine” began: IN PUNTA DI PIEDI (2006), LA SPALLATA (2007), an original dramaturgy freely inspired by one of the “Memories of the subsoil” of Dostoevsky and FRAGILE SHOW (2009), another original dramaturgy freely inspired by “The Unsuccessful” of Bernhard. The entire trilogy circulated and keeps on circulating in Italy as well as abroad (Latin America, Spain, Austria) and in October 2011 Titivillus publishing house published the dramaturgies.
In May 2012, the new work PORCO MONDO, produced by the Corte Ospitale di Rubiera and by OFFICina 1011 of the Triangolo Scaleno Theater, made its debut at the Palladium theatre in Rome, within the “Teatri di Vetro” exhibition.
From July to December 2012, the company participates in the “Perdatamente” project promoted by the Teatro di Roma and begins a scenic and dramaturgical path with teenagers coming from some schools of Rome, culminating in the study: CULO DI GOMMA/ or the loss of the Fathers. The artistic and pedagogical planning with teenagers continues in 2014, always in cooperation with the Teatro di Roma, with the show “ROMEO AND JULIET or the loss of the Fathers /rehearsal of sports dramaturgy with teenagers”, involving the construction of a company made up of professional actors, in the roles of the adults of the Shakespearean text, and teenagers, in the roles of the young characters. The work debuts in December 2014 at the India theater of Rome. In July 2014, it made an international premiere in Spain (Classical Theater Festival of Almagro), with a special project, “HAMLET”, conceived from the union of a series of artists with heterogeneous paths and experiences (Andrea Baracco | Biancofango | Luca Brinchi and Roberta Zanardo – Santasangre). In Italy, the project debuts in September 2014 at the Teatro Argentina of Rome, within the Romaeuropa Festival. In 2016 | 2017 while the circuit of all the works continues (Hamlet in Latin America – Porco mondo, Fragile show and On tiptoe in Italy) the new project begins, IO NON HO MANI CHE MI ACCAREZZINO IL VISO, produced by Teatro dell’Elfo, Fattore K, Teatro della Tosse; after a preview at the Romaeuropa Festival 2017 it debuted at the Teatro Elfo Puccini in Milan.
In the meantime, after the Roman debut, the project to investigate the anomalous construction of a company made up of teenagers and professional actors starting from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet text becomes a special project on a local and national scale. Until 2021 the company will carry out a series of stages of the project throughout Italy (to date: in Rome with the Teatro di Roma, in Naples with the Bellini Theater, in Nuoro with the Teatro della Sardegna, in Catania with the Teatro Stabile di Catania, but there are still others to be defined). In 2021/2022 teenagers from all over Italy, who took part in the project, will bring together in a large and unique show inspired by the Shakespearean text, but accompanied by an orchestra and professional actors.
In 2019 the trilogy dedicated to cursed poets begins. The first step THE CURSED POETS_n.1 Me and Baudelaire | Who wants to live forever? debuted at a theatre of Rome in November 2019 (after the stages at “I teatri della Cupa” and “Contemporanea Festival”).
In 2020, ABOUT LOLITA – produced by the Metastasio Theater of Prato and Fattore K, in cooperation with Twain residences for live performance – will debut at the Venice Biennale.


Francesca Macrì, playwright and director, graduated in History of the Theatre at the University of Pavia. She studied and specialized, among others, with Biljana Sbrljanovic, Danio Manfredini, Mimmo Sorrentino and Bread and Puppet. In 2001 she met Andrea Trapani whit whom she built a deep artistic relationship. In 2005 they founded the Biancofango company. They realize several shows running in the most top-rated Italian stages. Among these: On tiptoe (2006, with turnèe in Italy, South America and Spain), Damn world (Teatri di Vetro, 2012), I have not hands that caress my face (Romaeuropa festival 2017 – Teatro dell’Elfo – Fattore k), Baudelaire and I (Teatro di Roma and Fattore K 2019), Romeo and Juliet or the loss of the Fathers, a special project that since 2014 has been crossing Italy with the involvement, until now, of almost one hundred teenagers. Since 2015 she has been passionately engaged in pedagogical activities, teaching in several Italian schools Direction, Acting and Dramaturgy. Since 2019, she has been appointed artistic director of the company Fattore K. She directs the 2020 edition of the Festa di Roma, along with Fabrizio Arcuri and Claudia Sorace.


Andrea Trapani, actor, author and trainer, graduated in History of Cinema at the University of Florence and in acting at the National Academy of Dramatic Art, “Silvio D’Amico”, of Rome, he specialized in 2000, within the same Academy, with Domenico Polidoro and Roberto Mantovani. After his professional studies, he continued his drama and acting career collaborating with masters such as Josè Sinisterra, Danio Manfredini and Rena Mirecka. The authorial urgency has appeared since the university period when he makes a series of short films in which he takes part both as an actor and as a director. One of them, Wide-open shot, gained numerous mentions at several international festivals. After the graduation and professional experiences as an actor, it takes shape more and more the desire to find his own and autonomous theatrical language. From the meeting with Francesca Macrì he comes to the idea of founding the company Biancofango and, since 2006, he’s started with her a path that uses up all his time, working in his role of actor and author. He has been protagonist of almost all the shows made by the company with which he was repeatedly nominated for national awards. He’s always been the trainer of the company. He’s worked in theatre also with other directors, including Andrea Camilleri, Maurizio Scaparro, Luciano Colavero, Andrea Baracco, Massimiliano Civica, Pierpaolo Sepe and for the cinema with Paolo Sorrentino, Luca Facchini, Vittorio Sironi. Since 2010 he has devoted himself with ever greater care to the deepening of the acting training by leading, throughout Italy, an intensive pedagogical activity. He teaches acting and training in several Italian Dramatic Art Academies and in pedagogical workshops carried out within national and international theatres and associations. Over the years, he specialized in the relationship between theatre and sport and on this topic, not much explored in Europe, he has been conducting for almost a decade specific workshops.